• Company incorporation in Poland

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    Company incorporation in Poland

    Company in Poland — how to start ?

    Prior to incorporating a company in Poland, you need to choose appropriate legal from of your future Polish Company and gather all necessary documents. Afterwards you will need to decide whether to: 

    • invest directly (to become shareholder of Polish Company in person) or
    • invest indirectly and register a subsidiary in Poland (to become shareholder of Polish Company through you foreign company).

    In the last stage you will need to decide whether to come to Poland to complete the company incorporation process or entrust this to your lawyers upon power of attorney. 

    Which form of Polish Company shall I choose ?

    Foreigners usually choose Polish corporate companies (as LLC and JSC), rather then Polish partnerships. This is mainly to due to the fact that Polish corporate companies provide feature of owners liability limitation (shareholders or stockholders), while in partnerships the liability is usually unlimited.  

    Polish Corporate Companies?

    1. Polish Limited Liability Company (Sp. z .o.o)
    2. Polish Joint-stock Company (S.A)

    Polish Partnerships:

    1. Polish Business Partnership (S.c.)
    2. Polish Registered Partnership (Sp.j.)

    What documents do I need to incorporate company in Poland ?

    Scope of the documents may vary depending on company type and particular circumstances. However in order to incorporate company in Poland you will usually need:

    • If you are private individual: 
      • ID or passport
    • If you represent a foreign company intending to register subsidiary in Poland
      • excerpt from your local company registry with Apostille
      • ID or passport

    If you want our lawyers to represent you in the company incorporation process at the Notary we will also need notarial power of attorney granted in your country upon our template. Such power of attorney will be to be Apostilled. 


    Contact our company incorporation lawyers

    Please address your enquiries to: info@dudkowiak.com, we will do our best to answer to you e-mail within 24 hours. 

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    Tomasz Kope?

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