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    Litigation and arbitration

    Litigation and arbitration law are often considered as the essence of each and every lawyer's activity. This is why our Polish Law Firm attaches a lot if importance to the quality of litigation services provided in Poland.  Apart from standard court proceedings, our Law Firm in Poland carries out specific procedures according to patterns gained in western European countries. In case of proceedings of this type a special program of comprehensive service is applied, which guarantees highest-quality service.

    Our important experience includes a legal dispute between two leading petrol station chains and a dispute over a long-lasting non-competition clause between alimentary branch tycoons. Our Polish litigation lawyers also conducted several disputes concerning the infringement on renowned worldwide trademarks, including the brewery and clothing industries.

    We provide litigation services in Poland in the following areas:

    • Corporate litigation
    • Business and contract litigation 
    • Debt collection litigation
    • Trademark litigation
    • Copyrights disputes
    • ?Patent litigation
    • Antitrust litigation
    • Real estate litigation 
    • Construction disputes
    • Employment litigation
    • Insurance litigation
    • Administrative litigation

    Selected services:

    • Civil and commercial litigation in Poland

    • Court and arbitration litigation in Poland

    • Dispute resolution in Poland

    • Negotiations and mediations in Poland

    • Representation in Polish Courts

    • Drafting lawsuits and oppositions to lawsuits

    • Obtaining interim orders, measures in Poland

    • Appeal procedures in Poland

    • Enforcing Court rulings in Poland

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    Anna Szymielewicz

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    Anna Szymielewicz



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