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    Our Polish Law Firm renders legal services for civil aviation entities (airlines and aircraft ground handling agents), and airport management companies.

    Our services include, above all:

    • daily advising on sector regulations and requirements,
    • preparation of legal opinions on aviation law,
    • preparation and assessment of documents,
    • preparation or analyses of contracts and contract-related risks,
    • representation before the civil aviation administration,
    • representation before courts.

    With regards to regulatory issues in aviation, our Law Firm advises on:

    • licenses to perform carriage by air,
    • authorisations for airport management and permits for ground handling of aircrafts, crews and passengers,
    • more detailed regulatory requirements (airworthiness of aircrafts, aircraft components and accessories, aircraft registration, etc.)

    We are experienced in the expansion of aviation enterprises to foreign markets. With the assistance of our lawyers, we have been particularly successful in advising on the foreign sector regulation and satisfaction of conditions necessary to start operations on the foreign market.

    A team of lawyers specialized in consumer protection law supports aviation entities in questions regarding protection of passengers’ rights.

    With respect to civil law and contract law in aviation, our lawyers advise, for example, on:

    • matters concerning civil liability for damages resulting from aircraft movement,
    • matters concerning civil liability for damages resulting from air transport.
    • matters concerning civil liability insurance
    • aircraft leasing agreements and establishment of collaterals of such agreements. 

    Selected services:

    • License to perform carriage by air  
    • Permit for ground handling  
    • Navigation and airport fees  
    • Regulation of foreign aviation markets  
    • Complaint procedure and passengers’ rights

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