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    Private Equity

    Our Polish Law Firm has extensive experience in counselling to private equity and capital venture funds in Poland.

    Well-founded knowledge of private equity market and investment mechanisms provides us with the possibility to support our clients throughout the investment process, from planning to closing and supervision.

    Extensive experience in conducting legal due diligence allows to verify investment-related risks effectivelly and in short time perspective.

    Vital aspects of our work with private equity and venture capital investments are:

    • counselling on the investment’s legal form and structure and its collateral,
    • preparation and negotiation of transaction documents (term-sheet, investment agreement)
    • representation before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and regulatory authorities (pre- and post-transaction),
    • supervision over the performance of individual investment stages.

    We also advise and support our clients in disinvestment processes. 


    Selected services:

    • Due diligence of companies  

    • Negotiating terms and conditions of transactions

    • Designing structure of transaction

    • Preparing pre-transaction documentation (NDA, term-sheet, investment agreements)  

    • Purchasing shares or stocks (SPA — share or stock purchase agreement)  

    • Share or stock option agreements  

    • Notification of concentration and providing representation before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection  

    • Reporting to and providing representation before regulatory authorities

    • Desingning structure of dinvestment, drafting divestment contracts

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    Piotr Putyra


    Piotr Putyra

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    Piotr Putyra



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