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    Poland is still one of the top locations for software development. Foreign investors are establishing Offshore Software Development Centers in Poland being tempted by:

    • constant inflow of well-educated developers (domestic and from Eastern Europe),
    • comparably low cost of workforce in Poland, 
    • proficient English language skills, 
    • boosting Polish Economy, 
    • political stability and EU membership, 
    • cultural similarities,
    • favourable location and time zones,

    Legal support to Software Development Centers

    Since early nineties we have incorporated and introduced to Poland dozens of Foreign Software Development Centers, starting from small software houses and ending up on international software corporations employing over thousand of IT staff. 

    Our team of attorneys dedicated for software development projects has longstanding experience and full awareness of specifics of software development business in Poland. They are ready to provide tailor made and straight forward solutions for the software clients. 

    Usual services to Software Development Centers 

    The scope of services of software development investors most usually covers: 

    • Investment issues - incl. investment advisory, investment incentives, financing of investment, structure of investment,
    • Corporate issues -  incl. choice of corporate form of Polish Software Development Center,
    • M&A issues - in case of acquisition of existing Software Development Centers, we advise and represent in the acquisition process,
    • Employment issues -  incl. advisory as to specific rules and forms of employment of software specialists, drafting and introducing employment regulations dedicated to software development business
    • Commercial and contractual issues - drafting and reviewing contract, incl. intracompany shared services agreements and IP /copyrights license contracts, 
    • Data protection issues - advising and auditing compliance with GDPR of the software and the business itself, introducing internal regulations allowing inter-company data exchange and data flows outside of EU,
    • IP and copyrights issues - advising on security and protecting IP rights and copyrights to the developed products, 
    • Tax issues - advise on specific rules of software development taxation in Poland, incl. advisory on CIT, VAT, withholding, transfer-pricing and IP and Innovation Box incentives



    Offshore Software 
    ?Development in Poland 

    The general guidebook on software development in Poland elaborating on benefits of investment and outlining usual fields of our services in software development investments

    Selected services:

    • advisory in software development investments in Poland
    • advisory in acquisition of Polish Software Development companies 
    • incorporation of Software Development Centers
    • advisory on employment of software development staff in Poland 
    • advisory on security and protection of IP and copyrights
    • advisory and drafting of intra-company agreements within the software capital groups
    • advisory as to taxation of Software Development Centers (CIT, VAT, withholding, transfer-pricing)
    • advisory as to compliance with data protection regulations 
    • advisory as to tax incentives in software development
    • advisory as to regulatory requirements in software development for regulated sectors

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